A 77-year-old school janitor who has never had a birthday party hears her name over the loudspeaker.

Frances Buzzard carried out her usual duties as a simple carer.

She was always polishing the furniture to make it shine. And soon all the staff and students fell in love with this amazing woman. Thanks to her incredible hard work and perseverance, the school has become one of the cleanest places in town.

However, it turned out that this simple old woman was hiding a very sad secret from everyone.

One day, the headmistress of the school invited Mrs. Francis to the school canteen. The woman must have been surprised when the speaker told her what to do.

When she entered the canteen, what she saw was much more than she could have imagined.

Over 200 students and staff waited to celebrate Francis’ 77th birthday. As a result, the director discovered that the lady had never had a real birthday since she was born. He then decided to organize a real party for him with all the staff and students, because it was the first happy birthday of his life.

They wished her “happy birthday” at the door and brought a trolley full of gingerbread, chocolate cake and lemonade from the kitchen.

Francis placed a sparkling tiara on her head. Additionally, the students draped her in a memorial ribbon before guiding her to a chair in the middle of the room. She was truly the star of the party.

Soon it was time for the main event.

On one side of the room, the curtains open to reveal a large screen. There was a slideshow, which included a documentary about Francis’ story.

Many images depict important historical events from his long and tumultuous life. Among them is an image of Frances raising the Iwo Jima flag to the moon with Neil Armstrong. In her prime, she was a really energetic young woman.

But why didn’t she celebrate her birthday?

Frances remembers her childhood. She grew up in a very poor family. After all, her parents couldn’t afford a proper birthday party. They couldn’t even afford to celebrate Christmas.

Frances was thrilled to receive such a nice gift from school. The head of the establishment, the staff and the students paid him a strong tribute to the efforts of the caregivers. We can only thank these people for giving Grandma a smile on her birthday.

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