This Dog Born With A Very Short Spine Doesn’t Realize She’s Different

Adopting a dog is an act of kindness. Many dogs need a home and a human who loves and cares for them.

There are also dogs waiting for adoption who not only need a home, but also special care due to their physical difficulties.

One dog that has had this experience is a Tibetan Spaniel puppy named Tilly.

Tilly was born with a deformity and she desperately needed a human being who would give her a chance to live.
Tilly has short spine syndrome. The condition stunted the growth of his spine and made him shorter than what is considered normal for his breed. The condition also causes Tilly to appear as if she has no neck.

Luckily for Tilly, a woman named Giannini decided to adopt her. Other people would have rejected Tilly or might have doubts because they were afraid of not meeting the puppy’s needs.

But Tilly, soon to be human, had been resolute in her decision.
Giannini knew that Tilly was the puppy she wanted to keep while she visited the place that put a litter of puppies up for adoption.

She learned that the puppy could be euthanized soon if no one adopted him. But, she wouldn’t let that happen. At that time, she was already in love with the puppy and had already decided to keep him as a pet.

In the interview with The Dodo, Giannini also recalls the realization she had while driving to bring the pup home. When the puppy looked at her, Giannini realized that it wasn’t just the puppy who needed her. She knew she needed the puppy too.

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“When I got her she was this dirty little ball of fluff,” Giannini said. “She fit perfectly in my hand, and as we walked home from where I had taken her, she lay in my lap and looked at me with her big brown eyes, and I knew she needed me and I needed her.”

Giannini takes good care of Tilly and ensures that the puppy’s needs are met. Because Tilly’s growth is stunted due to the condition of her spine, her body is much shorter than what is considered normal for a dog like her.

Tilly is a healthy dog, however. In many ways, Tilly is like any other companion dog. She can do everything her dog friends do, according to the website.

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Giannini mentions in the interview with the website that his furry pet has been able to adapt and thrive despite his condition. She also adds that although Tilly has a short spine, the dog hasn’t had any “health issues or complications” because of it.

“She was born with a syndrome, and just like humans born with a syndrome, her body has learned to adapt and she’s thriving,” Giannini said. “She had no health problems or complications because of her short spine, and [nous] we expect her to live a long and healthy life.”

Tilly has limitations due to her short spine, but her loving human is always there to help.

Giannini provided Tilly with special stairs that the little dog can use to climb up and down furniture. As Tilly is not able to turn her head to reach certain parts of her body, her human has to give her scratches and a little massage throughout the day.

The dog with short spine syndrome is lucky to have been adopted by Giannini. In an Instagram photo of Tilly, Giannini adds a caption that has a powerful message:

“Be proud of what you believe in: No matter what you look like, your background or your past, you deserve as much happiness and freedom as anyone else in the world.”

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