People Exploring Cave Find Lost Dog 30 Meters Deep

A group of hikers exploring a cave in Indiana’s Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve suddenly saw something move 30 feet below them. Looking closer, they saw a weakened dog moving around, clearly in need of help.

When they saw this dog, who would later be known as Hawkeye, they knew they couldn’t keep him. Whether it was a stray or someone’s pet, it was trapped and needed rescuing. April Breeden of Harrison County Animal Control said: They drove him in, tied him to a cart and pulled him out.

When Hawkeye came out of the cave, he was very emaciated. We went into the cave together once and she came out once and she was very sweet. She first drove to the caves and then came back. She started barking, saying ‘don’t leave me.

Although they didn’t know how long the dog had been stuck in the cave, they knew they had to watch him as soon as possible and give him the proper treatment. They took him to the Harrison County Animal Control Center and, given his condition, estimated that he had likely been left alone in the cave for two weeks.

The shelter took Hawkeye in and began looking for a family for him while they worked hard to rehabilitate him. He was wearing a necklace, so they assumed it belonged to someone else. The family learned that their dog had been found when she was the subject of a report on a local television station. The family saw her story on the news and contacted us, Breeden said.

The family released him to go to the bathroom and left two weeks before he was found. The shelter quickly arranged for the family to pick him up, and some of the rescuers who found Hawkeye in the cave also came and were able to remove him and meet his family. The lost dog struggled to contain his joy when he saw his family walk through the door of the shelter.

He was so excited when he saw his father that he jumped up and gave him kisses, Brayden said. Hawkeye’s family would like to thank everyone who helped him get home safe and sound. Everyone is very happy that this adorable puppy has finally returned to his place and that this story has a happy ending.

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