James, a homeless musician, met ginger cat Bob, who changed his life forever

One day, a man comes home and finds a ginger cat in the hallway. James thought he was a neighbor’s pet and closed the door, leaving the kitten outside. However, the cat came back the next day and the next day.

Mr Bowen checked and found that although he had no collar or dog tag, the poor cat had injured his paw and needed medical attention.

So James wanted to rescue the cat, which Bob named after the character who personified evil in the mystery series. Cats are very picky and picky about their likes and dislikes. If a cat doesn’t like a human being, it will look for another.

Meeting someone in a worse condition than his own gave James strength of spirit. It heals the cat’s feet and rids it of infected fleas.

Unlike his free-spirited cronies, Bob happily agrees to accompany James on tour in Covent Garden, sitting proudly and calmly on his shoulders during his performances.

Bowen’s shows attracted growing audiences, who agreed to film and post videos. has fans coming to the Garden for both. During an interview with a local newspaper, Bowen decides to write a book about his fateful encounter with Bob, who later becomes a literary figure.

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