Emaciated stray puppy found on the road recovers and finds a new home

A good Samaritan found Dobby the puppy crawling on a hot Louisiana road and enlisted the dog’s help, beginning the puppy’s journey from stray to adopted pet

Dobby the puppy is free to enjoy a full life after recovering from a rough start and finding a forever home.

According to Greater Good Charities, in late August, a Good Samaritan spotted Dobby crawling alone on the hot asphalt of a busy Louisiana road and stopped to help the dog.

After approaching the dog, the animal lover realized Dobby was emaciated, bald and covered in scabs and called Iberville Parish Animal Control for help.

Animal control took the frightened Dobby – about five months old when she was found – to Bayou Buddies, a Louisiana animal shelter which placed the pup in a foster home.

Dobby received a hot bath, a big meal and a big bed in his foster home. The pup’s adoptive parents said on Dobby’s first night that the dog rested peacefully for hours.

As the days passed, Dobby’s caretakers learned that the pup had demodectic mange, which leads to hair loss and is caused by parasitic mites, and began treating the dog for the condition. They also gave Dobby lots of affection and healthy food.

Greater Good Charities heard about Dobby’s case and helped Bayou Buddies with the dog’s medical costs through the global non-profit organization’s Emergency Animal Medical Program. The organization also placed Dobby on one of its good flights, which airlifted the pup and other rescue pets to shelters with space to help the animals find homes.

These Greater Good Charities efforts are part of the nonprofit’s ongoing work to help people, pets, and the planet. The association celebrates its 15th anniversary in September. To mark the occasion, Greater Good Charities is “amplifying good around the world,” according to the nonprofit. This includes a life-saving airlift for at-risk pets, renovating an animal shelter, distributing food and pet supplies to those in need, running free spaying clinics for help control pet overpopulation and the launch of a national pet advocacy effort to help solve the animal shelter overcrowding crisis in the United States.

On August 30, Dobby arrived at St Hubert Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey to begin her search for a home, and on Thursday the pup was reunited with his family.

“Dobby has been through a lot in his short life. The six-month-old pup was a hungry stray in Louisiana, found foraging for food on a hot, busy road. She was hairless, scabby and emaciated,” St Hubert said. Animal Welfare Center shared Dobby’s adoption on Instagram.

“Now she’s starting a wonderful new chapter in her life with her adoptive family, and we couldn’t be happier!” the rescue added alongside a photo of Dobby – now in a full fur coat – and his new pet parent.

Greater Good Charities hopes Dobby’s journey will inspire others to take the time to help animals in need.

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“Dobby’s success story is the perfect example of how Greater Good Charities works through its programs to help the whole community,” Liz Baker, CEO of Greater Good Charities, said in a statement. “It’s just one of the ways we’ve helped people, pets and the planet by stepping up in response to need and amplifying good for the past 15 years.”

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