Dog Has Adorable Reaction To Photo Of Dead Friend

Lacey was 10 when she met her beagle puppy. Having lived alone, he probably didn’t like the idea of ​​meeting a horny stranger. But it didn’t take long for Laura to convince him.

Allie Trent, Laura and Lacey’s mum, said: “He was a bit surly. “Lacey started growling at her, but Laura was always patient.” Laura was obsessed with Lacey from the start. She was watching Lacey’s every move, following her everywhere and wherever she was, Laura wanted to be by her side.

After four years of friendship, Lacey’s health deteriorated. Nonetheless, Laura stayed by Lacey’s side and comforted her in every way she could. Trent says: “When Lacey’s health deteriorated and she started coughing a lot, Laura always worried about her. Laura has always taken care of her. She was the best of the best.”

Laura wasn’t there when Lacey died. And her reaction when she finally learned her friend wasn’t coming back was heartbreaking.

“I put Lacey’s bed and her favorite toys on a shelf at my parents’ house,” Trent says. Laura went straight ahead and tried to reach for him, but she started to walk away looking for him.

Trent bought her and her parents a gift with Lacey’s picture on it. When he arrived at the post office, Trent placed the photo on a shelf in the living room, where it caught Laura’s eye.

“Laura was immediately interested,” says Trent. She saw him and kept wagging her tail.

Trent was surprised, as Laura had never shown any interest in decorating her home before. However, there was something odd about Lacey’s photo. It was as if Laura knew the picture was her best friend.

“That night we were talking about Lacey and I looked at Laura and asked her if she missed her. Me too,” Trent wrote in an Instagram post. She looked at me and lowered her head, so I asked, “Where’s Lacey? Without hesitation, she ran to the sofa and jumped on the armrest. She put her nose right next to the photo and wagged her tail like she was really herself.”

“I think Laura knows Lacey doesn’t come to the door anymore,” Trent said. This photo is our Lacey now.”

Laura had a special love for her mother who helped her through this difficult time. Trent said: “I was very worried about Laura, but it’s a real relief to know that Laura still sees her in the picture.” We are so lucky to have their unconditional love and time.”

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