A hawk can’t understand why this “duck” isn’t afraid of him

Perhaps this handsome hawk never thought its role as top predator would be challenged. She continued to believe that her superiority had always been unchallenged.

But then she met her mentor.

One day, while the buzzard was looking for food, she spotted something she couldn’t help noticing. A duck sitting and resting in the meadow seemed unaware that another hungry animal was approaching.

Of course, he doesn’t know that the duck is just a decoy. And it’s not so easy to scare.

The user observed this unusual little confrontation.

For a few tense minutes, the hawk struggled to catch the curiously unruly “duck”. From time to time he would stop and look around as if he were being pranked.

Our hero wisely gave up trying. The duck trap had won. The hawk probably wanted to forget that fact.

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