The mother graduated after 30 years: currently the whole family has four academic caps

Chicago resident Alice Perry Johnson is the mother of three children. The 50-year-old woman entered university 30 years ago.

But she could not continue her studies because of her children.

The children grew up and all three graduated. The eldest son Malik was educated at Georgetown University and recently graduated.

The eldest daughter Machaela graduated from high school and entered university. And the younger daughter Mila finished primary school.

And then it was their mother’s turn to continue her abandoned studies.

When the pandemic started and Alice lost her job, she decided to return to the student ranks.

She returned to Richard J. Daley College which had been her dream since her youth.

It was time to recover the fourth academic cap.

But the woman could not continue her studies without help from her children. They came to the aid of their mother so that she could obtain her favorite profession.

After school, Michaela and Mila taught their mother math. And Malik was helping his mom by calling her on FaceTime and explaining whatever was needed.

After graduating, Alice realized her dream and her children celebrated this remarkable event.

Finally, Alice got her desired job as an assistant teacher.

According to the mother of the family, she achieved her goal thanks to her close-knit family. She said that to succeed, we had to help each other.

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