The mother bear and her cubs have spent their whole lives in a cage, they finally know freedom

Although much progress has been made to ensure the best conditions for keeping wild animals in action, there is no room for the breeding of wild animals, needless to say it is unfair to these animals. All animals must be wild, wherever they are. But, unfortunately, illegal or abandoned zoos still exist in different parts of the world, and the United States is no exception.

Fortunately, there are institutions working very hard to reduce the number of animals kept in unsuitable conditions. The Ohio Department of Agriculture can obtain bears from backyard cages and roadside zoos. Some bears are overweight, others are obese, and many suffer from intestinal parasites and broken teeth.

To improve their health and help find new homes for them, PETA has built a beautiful Colorado sanctuary – a place where bears can finally live like real bears.

When they reached the vast naturalistic habitat of the Colorado refuge, the bears finally took their first steps towards freedom and a new life. Their reactions broke into tears as they explored their new home for the first time.

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