The cat is constantly ignored at the shelter because of his grumpy face

One night, Francisca Franken was browsing her local animal shelter’s website when she came across an unusual cat. There was something about the cat’s flat face, tough attitude and sad eyes that made him stop scrolling.

“I saw her picture and fell in love the second I saw her,” Franken shared. “Well at first I laughed because the pictures were so funny and I had never seen a cat like that before.”

She immediately wrote to the shelter to see if the cat was still available, and was so nervous waiting for an answer that she couldn’t sleep that night. But when the shelter called her back, they couldn’t believe she really wanted Bean.

“I got a call from a friendly rescue lady who asked me if Bean was really the cat I wanted to apply for because apparently no one had been interested in her before,” Franken said. “The woman who called me was afraid that I was just pushing the wrong button or something.”

Before coming to the shelter, Bean lived as a wanderer in a trailer park. She suffered from an eye infection and other ailments and had never known the love of a home. But Franken was determined to change that.

“A woman led me into her room, and what I saw was much more beautiful than I could ever imagine,” Franken said. “Bean was (and still is) so tiny and small. She has very stocky legs and a short tail and the flattest face I have ever seen. I started crying when I walked into her room because I was so overwhelmed. She was not at all what I had imagined — but it was so much better.”

“A lot of people who saw her at the shelter said she was ugly, but I think she’s the most perfect girl ever,” she added.

Franken immediately brought Bean home, and the cat made sure her new mother understood how grateful she was.

“At first she was a lot more cuddly and clung to me wherever I went,” Franken said. “I think she noticed then that she didn’t need to ‘pretend’ like that and that I would never let her go again, even if she stopped being cuddly and cute, so she started to show me his sassy side. But I loved it because she let her true colors show.”

Now Bean sleeps in bed with Franken every night and always has to be in the same room as her. Besides his mother, Bean’s most favorite thing in the world is olives. Every time she smells olives or olive brine, she goes a little crazy.

“The first time she stole an olive was when I had a little late night snack and she ran up to me and slammed the olive out of my hand, picked it up and walked over. ran off to eat her under the couch,” Franken said.
Green olives and chili peppers contain chemicals called isoprenoids, which are similar in composition to catnip. Bean is so obsessed with salty treats that she will yell at her mother every time she sees her take the olives out of the fridge.

Luckily, olives are safe for cats—in moderation — so Franken gives her some as a reward.

Satisfying Bean’s obsession with olives is the least Franken thinks he can do for the sweet cat, considering all that Bean has done for her.

“Bean isn’t a real emotional support animal, but she’s been through some rough times for me before, and I can’t put into words how much I love her,” Franken said. “She means the world to me and she deserves all the love after having such a difficult time before coming to me.”

To learn more about Bean and her olive obsession, you can follow her on Instagram.

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