People are in tears over a dog’s touching last act of love for her friend

After a happy life filled with joy and affection, this sweet dog named Gaspar recently passed away from an illness in the warm presence of those who loved him the most.

“Thank you for all the moments we spent together… You will always be with us,” wrote Marcelo Rodríguez, Gaspar’s owner, in dedication to his dog.

But the most touching tribute to this beloved pup needed no words.

Although Gaspar lived with Rodríguez, he spent many of his happiest days in the company of Kaya, a dog owned by Rodríguez’s mother.

“We used to bring them together on weekends to hang out together,” Rodríguez told The Dodo. “That’s where their friendship began.”

Gaspar and Kaya’s friendship was evident in their endless wave of wagging tails. But it is clear that their love was even deeper.

Unfortunately, like all good things, Gaspar and Kaya’s time together wouldn’t last forever.

Earlier this month, Gaspar breathed his last after a battle with kidney failure. Knowing how much he meant to her, Kaya had the chance to say goodbye to her old friend before his body was laid to rest in Rodríguez’s backyard.

But no one could have guessed what would happen next.

Seeing the mound of cool earth that was Gaspar’s eternal resting place, Kaya settled there—a final act of love for a soul she cherished so dearly.

“That’s when she spent the whole morning on her grave,” Rodríguez said.

Gaspar may be gone, but his spirit lives in Kaya’s heart. But not in his alone.

After Rodríguez shared word of Kaya’s act of love for Gaspar on Twitter, it quickly went viral — receiving over 100,000 likes and retweets. Many commenters said they were left in tears upon learning of the dog’s touching final tribute.

It was a moment of silence for Kaya at Gaspar’s grave, but it still resonates.

“Animals are superior beings that we will never understand,” Rodríguez wrote, “and that we don’t deserve.”

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