Man discovers the cutest little squirrels napping outside his window

One day Ludwig K. Timm was looking out of his bathroom window and it turned out that there was a small construction project going on outside his bathroom window.

“At first we only noticed a few small branches resting on the windowsill. We thought the wind blew there,” Tim told The Dodo. “Then we saw the squirrels building.”

Squirrels have chosen a place to build their nest and start a family.

The unexpected arrival gave photographer Tim a unique opportunity to photograph the squirrels up close, especially as the elusive family began to grow.

But the nest was more than just a place to live. It was also a kindergarten.

For months, Tim kept a watchful eye on the squirrels and their ever-growing babies right outside his window. But among the snapshots of their daily life, one particularly stands out.

After inspecting the nest the other day, Tim noticed it.

The team says: “I was incredibly lucky to be able to paint the picture of sleeping squirrels. The birds usually sleep inside the nest, but since it was very hot that day, they chose to sleep outside.

It may seem obvious that a few squirrels are sleeping. But seeing it directly is priceless.

And the first branches outside Tim’s window started it all.

Tim said: “It’s a pretty good coincidence [qu’ils aient choisi cette région].” “We have seen the development of squirrels.”

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