A little dog is so happy that people remembered his birthday

Odin is a dog. He was taken into care three years ago and he gives love and affection to his family on a daily basis.

As Odin’s birthday approaches earlier this month, Cetina’s family decided to celebrate this day in a special way. They threw a surprise party for Odin to show their appreciation.

Odin was surprised and touched that they remembered his birthday.

Cetina and her husband ordered a dog cake and decorated it.

They then revealed their surprise to Odin.

Here’s a video of Odin taking it all in (and the special cake).

And Joyce said.

Odin then received several gifts, which also pleased him. But, according to Joyce, “he was happy to receive kisses and hugs.”

A little dog like Odin deserves no less.

Although it was ostensibly the birthday, the family thought they had received the greatest gift.

“Odin is of course loved and cared for all year round.” Joyce said.
Birthday is one of the best and most memorable days in life, not only for humans, but also for our furry friends.

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