The top 7 stars with unconventional looks that captivated the world.

Certain criteria of beauty are universally accepted in the world and everyone tries to conform to them. However, there is no doubt that a person’s individuality is most apparent in their unconventional appearance. People with an unusual physique are often remembered for a long time. Here are five unforgettable and quirky celebrities who, far from being stereotypical beauties, have been considered showbiz sex symbols the world over.


British model Lily Cole is a one-faced doll. Jude Law himself was once smitten with her and divorced Sienna Miller.


Whoopi got her first starring role in a movie at the age of 30. She showed the world her weapons of irony and natural humor. The film made her a crowd favourite.


This incredible actress has had a very difficult life. A difficult childhood, the divorce of her parents and many other problems affected her. But that didn’t break her. From an early age, Sarah decided to become an actress and, against all odds, she pursued her dream. Today she is a role model for millions of girls.


The British actor’s appeal lies in his charming freshness, which is wonderfully deep. His good looks made him an eye-catching sex symbol in Hollywood.

V. Kassel

This charming man with a triangular face has been the dream of all French women for years. His unconventional appearance has always allowed him to play ambiguous and profound roles, and his talent is immeasurable.

H. Swank

For a long time, the harsh features and masculine body of the actress were a curse for her. However, Hilary proved herself to be a tough person and refused to be ridiculed by others. Today there is a million dollar fan club that admires his talent. After all, the actress is very charming and natural, which distinguishes her from arrogant and glamorous beauties.


Barbra Streisand has won numerous awards as a talented singer and actress, including two Academy Awards for Best Actress and Best Original Song, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Golden Globe. Even her mother didn’t believe in her.

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