The one and only albino dolphin in the entire Eastern Pacific Ocean is back, and it’s hard to believe it’s real

The waters of the seas and oceans are home to an incredible variety of different creatures, among which there are some truly unusual ones.

Among these unusual animals is an albino dolphin. He was discovered with his mother and other tribesmen in Monterey Bay, California.

The first to spot the unusual dolphin while patrolling the area on a boat were employees of Blue Ocean Whale Watch 3 miles off the coast of Moss Landing.

Employees of the Department of Animal Protection, who immediately arrived at the site, recognized him as the dolphin Risso.

He was first discovered in 2015 with his mother. And this fact amazed zoologists. As after so many years, the mother was still there. Albinism is as common in nature as it is in humans. But albino dolphins, unlike whales, stay that way for life. After 3-4 years, the whales still acquire the natural color of the species.

Today, this dolphin is the only albino in the entire Eastern Pacific Ocean. One can only guess why Mother Nature gave this creature such an unusual color.
Is it a common mutation in the cells that produce melanin—the pigment that gives skin, hair, and eyes their color, or whatever.

Although these dolphins are beautiful on the outside, they usually have health problems. Usually these are skin diseases due to excess ultraviolet radiation, poor eyesight and sometimes hearing.
So it’s the first victim of predators.

Also, it is more difficult for albinos to hunt, as they can be seen a mile away.
But as noticed by the personnel of the department, all is well with this dolphin. He looks quite healthy.

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