The dog’s owner thought she died two years ago, but rescuers found her living alone in the mountains

One day, Hope For Paws got a call from Animal Control. They said that a dog lives in the mountains, which sometimes comes to residential buildings to look for food in the trash.

They asked for help, because they had already tried several times to catch the dog, but everything ended in failure. Upon arrival, rescuers saw an extremely frightened dog.

They knew they had to do whatever they could to help this poor boy. The animal was very fearful and cautious. The volunteers have found an appetizing way to attract the dog!

Doggie was very nervous, but of course he couldn’t resist a delicious cheeseburger! One of the rescuers handed the dog a treat, and she began to walk over and eat it straight from his hands. While the animal was distracted, another rescuer was able to cautiously sneak up on the dog and catch him in a ‘trap’

At first the dog was in shock, tried to break free and run away, but it took him very little time to calm down and realize that these people had come to help him. She happily finished her cheeseburger, offering her head to the volunteers to scratch behind the ear. Rescuers decided to name the sweet beauty Edna.
The first thing the shelter did was scan the dog for a microchip. It turned out that Edna had a chip!

Rescuers learned that its original owner had given the dog to a new family, who apparently had just gotten rid of the animal. They informed the previous owner that the animal was dead.
Two years have passed since!

Edna’s first owner was happy she was still alive, but couldn’t take the dog and asked shelter staff to find her a good home.
The beauty quickly made many friends.

A few weeks after her arrival, Edna was adopted by a family. The couple fell in love with the beauty’s ash color and innocent eyes.
Now Edna has a chance to start a new life!

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