Navy spots tiny survivors clinging to sinking ship

A fishing boat once caught fire while at sea, damaging the ship so much that it began to sink
Fortunately, another boat was nearby, heard the call and came to save eight of the crew.

But they didn’t save everyone from the ship…

A little later, the Royal Thai Navy was sent to investigate the sinking fishing boat.

It was just as it was about to sink when they arrived, and someone spotted several souls on board.

There were four cats, clinging to one of the only remaining parts of the boat still above the water.

One of the navy sailors named Tattaphon Sai then swam to the sinking boat to save the cats.

After establishing a connection, he quickly swam to safety with four new crew members strapped to his back.

The cats, wet and frightened, were warmly welcomed aboard the navy ship, with food, water and warmth.

Luckily, other than being a bit shaken up, all the felines were in good health.

It is not known if the cats were forgotten when the fishing crew evacuated the boat or if they snuck onto the boat.

At least they are now back on land and in the custody of the Royal Thai Navy.

When asked to explain their efforts to help cats, they answered simply, “Because every life matters.”

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