After 85 years of marriage, these spouses love each other as before: they have 114 great-grandchildren

Estefania Gomez and Faustino Jacinto lived in a small Mexican town, Villa del Carbon.

They had been married for more than eight decades. In our days too, they have kept the same affection of bygone days. Their whole life path is proof of eternal love.

From 1932, the spouses were together, always devoted and faithful.

Before getting married, they did not know each other properly and did not know if it would be a lasting marriage and how they were going to live.

They were very young and had no money to hold a traditional church wedding ceremony.

But they got married and built their house to live together forever.

Years have passed and their love has not faded and this beautiful couple loved each other as before.

They had several difficulties that arose on their way, but thanks to their unwavering love, they managed to overcome all these difficulties.

The couple had several descendants. They had eleven children.

And who could imagine that the number of all their descendants would be more than 200? And this is the result of their fantastic love.

In 1917, this couple was over 100 years old. You could tell they were healthy.

But since they were already very old, and could not live without help, their children and grandchildren took care of them and surrounded them with love and care.

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