This is what Indian actress Priyanka Chopra looks like in her 36 unretouched close-up looks

Priyanka Chopra was taken in a close-up and unretouched

P. Chopra is not only a talented actress and a successful model, but also the winner of the “Miss World 2000” beauty pageant which brought her worldwide fame and popularity. The charming woman attracted absolutely everyone with her kindness and unearthly beauty.

However, there is no one without imperfections. The legendary woman is supposed to have one flaw: her wrinkled neck. Chopra has always felt insecure about her uniqueness trying to hide her neck with her hair and jewelry. When the actress is caught in a close-up, it’s literally impossible not to notice her neck.

Loyal fans of the model support the opinion that the star has no imperfections, and her neck is her uniqueness and gives her more charm. It is worth noting that the beauty has already surpassed Bollywood star A. Rai.

Do you find her beautiful?

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