The dog does something strange every time his father tries to take a photo

There are lots of ways not to take a picture — you can make a face, but if you’re a dog named Sparky, you can just melt.
It’s a very effective strategy and quite bizarre to watch.

“When I take pictures with him, he has a certain tolerance, and once he’s done with it, he breaks down,” said Kennedy Simmons, Sparky’s dad, “He gets limp, and once in a while time, he looks at me sideways and gives me the meanest look, like, ‘Are we done yet?’”

Simmons works as a vet assistant, where he’s been known to take in dogs with special needs. He adopted Sparky after the young Italian Greyhound’s family handed him over to the vet office.

“They were a great family, but he had to have surgery and they were so scared to let him do anything after he broke his leg,” Simmons said.
Ever since the operation, where the pup had to have his leg removed, Sparky has refused to let a missing leg bother him.

“He’s been wild since day one,” Simmons said. “If you don’t have eyes on Sparky, he’s getting into something. If he’s out of your sight, he snatches a piece of food from the table or grabs a sock from the basket.”

And although Sparky weighs only 11 pounds, when it comes to other dogs, he’s fearless. “He’s friends with small dogs, he’s friends with giant dogs,” Simmons said. “He’s so obnoxious to other dogs. But every dog ​​ends up loving him and being so tolerant of him. No dog has ever said ‘no’ to him.”

The only thing Sparky doesn’t like is standing still for a photo shoot, leaving Simmons’ phone full of hilarious results.

Even if he can’t capture Sparky’s love on camera, there’s no one Simmons would rather go home to after a long day.

“I’ve had several other dogs with special needs, and he just has something so special. He’s just a little ray of sunshine when you come home,” Simmons said. “His name is so fitting—he brings so much joy to everyone because he really isn’t afraid of anything.”

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