Incredible facts: Japanese women are well-groomed and fragrant but smell nothing

In Japan, the smell of alcohol is very badly considered in public places because here, we like to treat each other with respect.

Also, no one is forced to smell other people’s perfumes in public transport. And how do Japanese women act to be “odourless”? Don’t they use perfume or deodorant?

It’s very surprising, but Japanese women smell perfectly fresh. And how is it done?

First, it can be noted that in the make-up bags, which they carry in their bags, there is always a delicate fragrance.

As for their shower, they take it with special oils and it’s like a sacred moment at home.

In Japan, there are several special products that remove body odor and are widely used due to avoiding odor when sweating.

There are also other deodorants that you rub on your armpits and feet.

In the country, special scented tablets are very common too.

This means is used so that the delicate fragrance of the oil is evaporated through the pores of the body.

Users claim that this kind of product is quite benign for health.

Japanese women use hairsprays aplenty, but they don’t have strong fragrances and smell incredibly sweet.

In sum, the comfort of the neighbor is absolutely important for Japanese women.

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