Clever dog pretends she’s lost to get people’s attention

Alyson Aguerrebere was out for a run in Long Beach, California when she saw a small white dog in front of her on the sidewalk. Then she noticed the dog was off leash and started to worry.

“She looked lost,” Aguerrebere said. “She was watching me from 40 feet away as I approached her.”

The dog walked calmly towards Aguerrebere, and that’s when she noticed the large sign warning passers-by of something. A piece of cardboard with the dog’s photo and Instagram handle read, “I’m Harper. I live here. I pretend to be lost so you will stop and stroke me.
Aguerrebere realized she was just the last person to fall in love.

“The sign was hilarious, and I realized she was doing this to everyone,” Aguerrebere said. “So I sat down and stroked her and rubbed her belly for probably 25 minutes.”

Since being adopted by a loving family, the 3-year-old rescue dog doesn’t seem to be getting enough attention. The little dog is allowed to hang out in the front yard to get pets from neighbors, but her owners are always nearby to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble.

“His owner came out 25 minutes into it and was like, ‘Oh, did she cheat on you giving him love?'” Aguerrebere said. “She said she did it constantly, like several times a day, and never wanted to go inside because she was getting so much attention.”

Aguerrebere loved their unexpected game time just as much as Harper.
“I love him so much,” Aguerrebere said. “She completely made my day.”

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