A daughter surprises her dying deer-loving mother by visiting her with a real Bambi.

This is a truly moving film about a seriously ill woman who gets her dying wish. She had always been fascinated by the movie Bambi and wanted to see the deer. So the daughters of the woman went to catch a deer to surprise their mother. This touching moment was captured on video.

Unfortunately, the situation deteriorated at the beginning of the month and the elderly woman passed away. So she told her family that she wanted to see the deer just one more time. The lady loved cute animals and was even obsessed with the famous movie Bambi.

Lisa wrote on the popular Facebook group: “My whole family wore Bambi t-shirts… They call them nurses uniforms.”

Getting a deer to the hospital was tough, but Lisa decided to give it a shot, just to see her mother’s happy face one last time.

Luckily, she met a couple from Melbourne who operated a mobile mini-farm. They also had a deer called Bambi. Lisa and her family therefore arranged a visit from her mother.

the old woman ewas too happy and satisfied.

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