Wild Crow Shows Amazing Gesture To Mom With Her Sick Son

About five years ago a new neighbor moved across the street from Anne Edwards in Scotland. It was a crow, which Edwards named Mildred.

The two were no strangers for a long time.

One day, Edwards was home when she heard a commotion just outside. Rushing to the spot, Edwards found Mildred and one of her fledgling chicks perched on her fence. Nearby, a cat was crouched, ready to pounce.

Edwards decided to intervene.

“I rescued the baby crow and returned it to Mildred’s nest in the tall trees across the road,” Edwards said.

This act of kindness was clearly not lost on Mildred.

“She then started bringing all her chicks to my garden,” Edwards said, adding that it was becoming an annual tradition: “Every year she would bring her new brood of chicks to my garden.”

On another occasion, Edwards carried one of Mildred’s children back to her nest after finding her on the ground. This kind gesture, once again, put Mildred’s worried heart at ease.

Recently, however, the wild crow had the opportunity to return the favor.

Edwards’ son fell ill last week and had to be rushed by ambulance from his home to hospital.

Meanwhile, from her vantage point in the tree across the street, Mildred apparently watched — feeling the distress in the heart of the person who had treated her and her own children so kindly in the past.

The crow decided to offer comfort to Edwards.

“When I came home from the hospital [cette nuit-là], I heard Mildred cawing very loudly outside my bedroom window,” Edwards said. “I walked out, and Mildred was sitting on a bare tree, all alone and exposed. It was very unusual behavior.”

Mildred’s home tree is densely covered in foliage, providing protection from the elements. But she had instead chosen to stay close to Edwards, at the expense of her own comfort.

“She stayed there all night,” Edwards said. The following night, with Edwards’ son still in hospital, Mildred again stayed.

The raven’s gentle presence has indeed comforted Edwards in his times of need.

“We’re both mothers,” Edwards said. “And just like I looked after her chicks, she looked after my family while my son was in the hospital.”

Fortunately, on the third day, Edwards’ son’s health improved and he was discharged from hospital to recover at home.

Her worried mother couldn’t have been more relieved. And apparently Mildred noticed it too.

“As soon as my son got home, she went back to her normal resting place,” Edwards said. “We are so grateful to everyone who sent their love wishes — and to our friend Mildred, who is watching over us from heaven.”

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