Watch the heartwarming moment rescue workers cheer as a long-neglected dog finally returns home

After living at the Humane Rescue League for over 200 days, Betsy finally walked through the doors with her new family. When Betsy last looked at the shelter, it was because of the excitement of the rescuers cheering and supporting her. The dog watches the cheering crowd.

Ashley Valm, director of adoption at the Humane Rescue Alliance, said: Some of my colleagues were in tears. They were all so excited for her to come home. Rescuers captured the touching moment on video here.

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Betsy was found living alone in the neighborhood of Anacostia, southeast of the city. When she arrived at the shelter, the staff were struck by her unconditional love for humanity. Ms Varm said: When Betsy saw you, she gently snuggled up to you when you stroked her. She never met anyone she didn’t like. The dog staring at the camera.

However, Betsy does not get along well with other dogs and the shelter environment is stressful for her. Rescuers believe it will take some time to find a suitable home for a nervous Betsy. In the meantime, they did everything they could to make Betsy comfortable. They also started taking him to his own room to get him out of the noise.

Ms Wallum said: She spends a lot of time in the principal’s office, but she likes it there because there are no other dogs. She sleeps on the sofa in the office and cuddles up to our staff all day. She is a real doll and everyone loves her in the office. The puppy sitting on the lawn.

When Betsy was finally taken in, the shelter celebrated Cleanup Day, a nationwide campaign to protect pets. The excitement was palpable. There was already a party atmosphere, says Vallum. When word got out that Betsy was going home, shelter staff called the radio station asking people to pick her up. And they felt that by showing empathy and kindness, they helped change his life.

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