This model woman conquered everyone with an unusual appearance and very quickly became famous

The extraordinary appearance of this woman made her famous in the field of modeling.

Recently, the Asian model from Kazakhstan Aigerim Ayapbergenova delighted everyone during a prestigious fashion show in Doha, Qatar. Here, the collections of Ulyana Sergeenko were presented.

This fashion event featured 40 of the highest paid models in the world.

This woman from Asia has extremely rare data. Her blonde hair, white skin and blue eyes are complemented by freckles.

And all this makes more individuality to her Asian appearance.

But Aigerim has another peculiarity too. These unusual facial features are the result of albinism.

There is yet another shocking oddity. The young model is deaf and mute. She does not hear anything, does not speak and communicates in sign language or through messages.

This exceptional model does not have lips or fashionable eyebrows, but she does not intend to transform her non-ordinary face into the one corresponding to the standard of contemporary beauty.

Now Aigerim Ayapbergenova is incredibly famous in the modeling sphere.

But before, she practiced athletics and swimming at the professional level and obtained several gold and silver medals.

After a charity show by Natalia Vodianova, called Love Ball Arabia, fashion experts, the media and high-quality models themselves considered her the pearl of the Ulyana Sergienkode collection.

The model looks exceptionally unique in any outfit. Currently, she posed for Befree brand advertising.

Her agent Ekaterina Goltsman said in her interview with interested media that the model is perfecting her craft day by day and still has a lot of plans.

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