The mother of three managed to lose 55 kilos in a year: here is the woman now

According to specialists, nowadays, overweight and obesity are increasing more and more. They also find that being overweight is not just a result of eating too much.

Many people dream of losing pounds, but they don’t always succeed. You have to have the will and take special measures.

Keli’s story is a true example of being able to achieve your goal.

The young woman, living in Australia, had three children. After the birth of her third baby, she was getting fatter and fatter.

Eventually, Keli lost control of her weight and even barely stood.

It seemed to her that she would never be able to get back into shape after giving birth.

His weight bothered him all the time, it was almost impossible to take care of children and do housework.

Keli was sorry, but didn’t despair. First, she started dieting.

She refused many products that could be the cause of her pregnancy.

And when she lost two tens of kilos, she became passionate about a very effective sporting activity, pole dancing.

In a year, the woman lost 55 kilograms, without any surgery and without ruining her health. Everyone was amazed at her incredible transformation. She is friendly and confident again!

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