A dog took care of all the blueberries his mother gave him.

Ava is a very kind and caring puppy who has always loved toys.

Ava’s mother, Talia Henze, says: “As soon as something happens, she tries to pick up a toy.” It means “anytime”.

One day, Ava saw her mother eating blueberries. Ava thought she’d like the treat, but for some reason mistook the blueberry for one of her toys.

“She’s trained to only eat reward snacks and long-lasting chews in her raised bed or crate, so naturally she only brings new toys and reward snacks.” said Henze. It was therefore not surprising that he took the berries there. But she never ate them.”

Instead, Ava carefully carried the blueberries and kindly took care of them. She showed no interest in eating them as a snack. Her mother thought maybe she didn’t understand and tried to show her, but to no avail. Myrtille has become the dog’s friend.

Henze recalls, “I walked around with her in my arms for a while.” When I finally got tired and left her in her crate.. I opened it and she did nothing.”

Now, the exact same thing happens every time Henze gives Ava blueberries. It has become one of his favorite toys and a strange habit.

So I give them to her every time…” Once I encouraged her a lot and she tried to eat them, but she spat them out.”

For her, blueberries are not food, they are friends. They are her boyfriends and that will never change.

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