The pig-like dog completely transformed after a month at the shelter

Chrissie Elder has a history of helping animals in need through the Forgotten, Now Family Rescue program. So she visits a local shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina several times a week to pick up some of the strays she misses.

Recently, a little dog named Piggy had caught her eye, and she knew she had to act fast to give Piggy some hope and a better chance at a new life.

“When I was at the shelter, they said there was another [chien] in the back of the kennel,” Elder told The Dodo. “He was so sad and in a terrible state.”

After Elder released Piggy from the shelter, he was placed in an emergency veterinary clinic for five days to treat a painful skin condition.

“He went to a foster home and took therapeutic baths three days a week,” Elder said. “He also received two doses of antibiotics to treat the infection.”

You can watch Piggy’s amazing skin transformation here:

With more TLC, Piggy is showing signs of hair regrowth and the elder thinks he might be looking forward to full fur soon.

@chrissyelder090 So thankful piggy man is doing better!!!! #foster #rescue #rescuedog #rehabilitation #dogsoftiktok #pittiesoftiktok ♬ Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart

“We’re seeing some nice little fixes right now,” Elder said. “We don’t think he’ll stay [dans cet état] for all time.”

Even after all of this, Piggy is just grateful to have a second chance at life.

“He’s the cutest kid,” the Elder said. “He has no idea how cruel the world has been to him. The first day, he didn’t even want to get up. Now he runs and plays. He is so happy that his little pig ears are fluttering in the wind and happy to meet everyone.

Now that Piggy is on the mend, he is looking for a permanent home. The only important requirement: you have to like hanging ears.

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