Stray Dog Refuses To Leave His Injured Friend’s Side Until They Are Rescued Together

Betty Walter When she received a message from a friend that the dog had crashed into a car, she tried to contact anyone who needed the dog’s help. Walter had experience rescuing and caring for the dog, but at the time he knew he had no chance of working and raising more dogs.

But during the day, he couldn’t stop thinking about the dog, and at the end of the shift, he found a place where he had to make sure the dog could save her. Walter was in no rush to earn Alan’s trust to help Betty. After a while, Betty’s friend, who had emailed her asking for help, got into the car.

Alan looked at Betty and made sure she was okay. After getting into the car, Walter and his friends managed to grab Alan. It was clear he wanted to go with her. If they had been saved, it should have been together. After all they’ve been through, Betty and Allen want to find a loving home where they can be together, and Walter wants to do whatever he can to help them.

They love attention, says Walter. They need someone to hug them, hug them, protect them, and feel safe with them. Alyona likes toys, so there are people throwing balls and doing clinch. Betty has a bed she’s lying on and wants them to stand up. Betty and Allen are the most attractive friends and soon they will find the perfect home where they can live together in peace.

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