Stray cat ‘frozen in fear for days’ is so grateful when someone stops to help

A cat named Capone had nowhere to go, so he chose a covered spot next to an office building to camp. The 2-year-old stray was alone and terrified, wondering how long he would have to wait in the bin before someone helped him.

Luckily, several bystanders noticed, saving the day and Capone’s life.

“Workers across the street started seeing her for a few days,” Puppy Kitty NYCity rescuer Megan Licari told The Dodo. “They said he wouldn’t move and he was so terrified he could barely eat.”

Capone may have been scared, but he immediately let Licari pet him as he mewed appreciatively.

“You could tell it wasn’t a street cat,” Licari said. “He was completely confused and had infected ears.”

Licari wasn’t about to leave Capone, but the only equipment he had was a dog car. He took advantage of his opportunities in hopes of getting Capone to safety.

“He immediately jumped into my lap and was love dead,” Licari said. “It was amazing because I knew how scared he was. He is the sweetest and kindest boy, a real cat.”

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You can watch Capone’s rescue here.

When Licari helped Capone, he was surprised and relieved to get on the transporter alone.

“There’s no better feeling than seeing cats go from lying in a pile of trash to living in a fancy New York apartment,” Licari said. “It makes me want to keep going.”

After Capone is rescued, he happily settles into his new life where he no longer has to lie on the unforgiving ground outside.

“He’s doing great now,” Licari said. “He has since been adopted and leads a life of luxury.”

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