Puppies wait to receive nightly kisses from their owner before going to bed

Owners of small puppies know that they are sometimes as picky as human babies. For example, they want to play and don’t want to lie down.

For Carilla Punzalan from the Philippines, this has become a real problem, as she has four Shih Tzu puppies at a time! And the girl came up with her own method, the video of which is quickly gaining views!

According to the older sister, the puppies belong to Karilla and there are really a lot of problems with them. In particular, all four of them cannot go to bed at the same time, even if they are exhausted during the day.

Neither turning off the light nor a lullaby helps. Karilla tried different methods and finally came across a very simple but effective method. It is necessary to kiss each puppy before going to bed, not symbolically, but from the heart.

It really works like magic – look, in the video, the puppies line up, and after the kisses lie down peacefully and just shake their paws!

The video instantly went viral on local social media, people are thrilled and touched. And dog lovers, among owners of restless puppies, competing with each other, write – it works, the method is something!

Only it is necessary to embrace from the heart, and not to serve, the dog understands everything perfectly. And no other games, you have to make a clear connection between kissing and going to bed. Develop a reflex.

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