Bellucci fans were surprised to see the star at the Venice Film Festival

The remarkably weight-gained Italian diva greatly surprises her followers

The Italian diva, talented actress and successful model, who has always been strongly against plastic surgeries and diets, showed up at an event recently. The legendary woman will soon turn 58, as the star claims she is not at all afraid of the aging process and age-related changes. She admitted that she would not run for beauty and ageless youth at all costs. The popular star noticeably gained a few extra pounds, and a few wrinkles were already clearly visible on her face.

During the Venice Film Festival, the dramatic changes in the figure of the actress were clearly noticed even in a black dress with a high neckline and a magnificent diamond necklace. It was obvious that the model did not do Botox and plastic surgery.

Even today, Bellucci remains one of the most influential and amazing women as well as spectacular stars all over the world.

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