The oldest tree on our planet is a prickly pine: scientists have found out its age

It is believed that the tree is the most durable species living on our planet. There are several trees that are beyond our age.

The age of plants can reach hundreds, even thousands of years.

There are trees whose longevity is attested by historical facts. There are those who are observed by scholars.

But research has proven that among more than 3 trillion trees on earth, the oldest tree, officially recognized, is a Pinus longaeva, thorny pine.

It’s incredible, but this tree is 4,851 years old. It was discovered by dendrochronologist Edmund Schulman in 1957.

The scientist has been doing his research for 20 years. Our hero even has a proper name, his name is Methuselah.

The pine grows in California’s Inyo National Park at an elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level.

And what is the secret of this tree’s longevity? Methuselah is a pine and this species has unique characteristics.

The foliage changes its needles once every few decades. Thus, they save resources to be kept longer.

The tree contains a lot of resins which allows it to prevent the penetration of parasites into its trunk.

And also, the climate of the park is temperate and not very humid, which does not allow the trees to rot.

That’s why in these forests, except Methuselah, there are other old trees too.

A part of the tree has been damaged and is already dead, but, fortunately, the trunk is not damaged and this plant continues to live even without foliage.

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