It’s been 13 years since this American woman gave birth to eight children at the same time

While the two women had not yet given birth to a nonuplet and ten babies, it was Natalie Suleman who in 2009 broke the world record for multiple pregnancy.

The 33-year-old California woman gave birth to 8 babies at once, six boys and two girls. It was a very complicated pregnancy and she gave birth by caesarean section.

The babies weighed from 820 grams to 1.54 kilograms.

Before this delivery, the American already had 6 children. She had planned her pregnancy for twins, but here are the octuplets!

Natalie became famous on social networks as soon as she was pregnant. And since that time, he is often invited to participate in American talk shows

Thirteen years have passed and the babies have become teenagers. Natalie, who is currently 46, has hardly changed.

She has an athletic figure. The woman said she underwent two plastic operations: she had her breasts enlarged and after the octuplets underwent liposuction, since she had gained weight due to a hormonal imbalance.

But the mother of 14 is still going strong. She leads an active life and still plays sports and advises her children to do the same.

During talk shows, the woman explains that daily exercises nourish her with physical and mental energy and increase the efficiency of any action in the family and at work.

But how Natalie is doing with her 14 children, no one really knows. On social media, things are still going very well.

But it turns out that she is often not happy with nannies hired by social services.

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