Here’s Why Actress Kate Winslet Hates Her Role In Iconic ‘Titanic’

This is why Winslet hates Rose, her role in the famous movie “Titanic”

The cult film “Titanic” brought the talented actress K. Winslet not only to fame and popularity all over the world, but also to enormous experience and realization for the actress that she did not have the looked good during filming.

It was by far not the easiest and most enjoyable experience of her career in the movie industry as she had to pretend to be an American girl. She made a lot of effort to speak with an American accent. Additionally, Winslet was often criticized for her appearance and her “extra pounds” in the film as people rushed to compare her to Hollywood beauties.

Kate admitted that she was playing an American for the first time and did not feel comfortable there. The actress mentioned she felt insecure about her “imperfect” body and extra pounds, while Leo helped Kate feel more confident and was always very supportive.

Have you watched the cult movie?

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