An 88 centimeter man and an 89 centimeter girl got married: they are winners of the Guinness Book of Records

Paulo and Katyusia live in Brazil. Their love story began in 2006, when they met on the Internet.

But it took ten years for the couple in love to understand that they were born for each other.

Paulo is a young man 88 centimeters long, and his darling’s waist is 89 centimeters.

When they decided to get married, several media started talking about their future wedding ceremony.

In 2016, on their wedding day, the couple broke a Guinness Book of World Records titled “the world’s shortest married couple”.

At the ceremony there were also representatives of the Guinness Book.

Since that day, the spouses have become very famous on social networks.

Their photos appeared in different Brazilian magazines and newspapers.

Yet another record was added, when Paulo received his driver’s license. He was awarded the title lowest Brazilian driver.

In Paolo’s car there were some adaptations so that the short man could drive comfortably.

The car was necessary for him, because he worked in a law firm.

6 years have passed from the marriage of Paulo and Katyusia, but their family is still the focus of media attention.

Now too, the famous spouses love each other as before. They have a channel on YouTube, where they talk about beauty product recipes, and they have 500,000 subscribers and millions of views.

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