6 funniest marriages you can meet on our earth: among them some to die of laughter

The feelings of love have no standards and limits. There are marriages of love and those of interest.

But what to call these types of marriages that we are going to present to you? No one is able to answer. It’s just hilarious.

Meet a couple with a big age difference whose husband Kyle Jones is 31 and wife Marjorie McCall is 91.

They started their romantic relationship as early as 2009. They are considered grandson and grandmother more often.

In 2004, 188cm Playboy model Genevieve Galen married 82cm actor Vern Troyer.

It was a sensation on social media. They divorced the next day, as the man learned that Genevieve had married for the money.

And there you have it, an incredibly shocking marriage. The Indian Mangli Munda has married a dog without a family.

It is said that it was the decision of the village council, since the dog was threatening the villagers! Fortunately, after a few months the girl married a man.

The following case is quite sad, but still bizarre. A young Chinese man made his unordinary choice.

He married a doll. Since he had cancer and was going to die in a few months, he didn’t want to ruin a woman’s life.

A British girl is hosting a wedding party. The number of guests was 50. The bride married herself.

It was because for six years she couldn’t meet a man who could love her with all his heart. And she decided to stay with herself.

We can think that despite the appearance of the groom, the latter is a love match.

The body of 32-year-old Chinese Yu Zhenghuang is covered with thick hair. After the wedding, he underwent laser hair removal which partially helped him.

But for the new bride, it doesn’t matter. She adores her husband!

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