The wife did not recognize her husband after he shaved his beard for the first time.

Growing a beard has become all the rage and many people have the confidence to completely change their appearance. That’s why many people prefer to keep their beards clean shaven for a long time, which can come as a shock to others.

John, a Canadian, and his wife Eva, a Russian, decided to experience hitchhiking through 33 countries. He didn’t shave the entire trip, then began taking regular selfies with his beard, which grew for 911 days.

The handsome man is like Santa Claus.

His beard grew so much that he finally decided to shave it. His wife and followers were shocked that they didn’t know John. His wife said.

“He looked like a teacher, but now he looks like a student!”

Instead of Santa Claus, a young man without a beard was born.

His followers say he looks 10 years younger. Others wrote that his beard resembled that of a Viking and that he resembled his ancestors.

The appearance is left to the appreciation of each, but it is not always what one wishes. So everything should be done in moderation. Be yourself !

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