The prettiest twins in the world have charmed the Internet: according to their mother, the girls have a bright future

Twins Ava Marie and Leah Rose were born in 2010 in Los Angeles. They became famous on the Internet from the age of six months.

Their parents Kevin and Jaqi Clements follow the modeling career.

The spouses’ first child, Chase Robert, is an ordinary boy, which cannot be said for the girls, who are extremely lovely.

Jaqi wanted her admirable daughters to become models like themselves. And the little ones started posing for different brands.

As life in modeling is very hard, the mother decided to withdraw them from this environment. But beautiful girls did not stop being posted on social networks.

The cute images of the twins could not leave fashion agencies indifferent, and at the age of 7 the girls again followed the modeling career.

Within months, their Instagram profile had over 290,000 followers.

Especially after posting a mesmerizing photo, Ava Marie and Leah Rose have been called the world’s most beautiful twins.

“They were swimming and dancing. I had to decide their future. I finally chose modeling again.

They too were enthusiastic about this decision,” says the girls’ mother, Jaqi.

These two beauties will certainly have a better future. Already, they have delighted thousands of people.

Parents Kevin and Jaqi are sure their lovely little girls aren’t just pretty. They are very nice and have many better qualities.

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