The dog watches helplessly in the water as an octopus swims with his favorite tennis ball

Dogs are friendly and playful by nature.

They like to play anytime and anywhere. They are also curious creatures, especially when they see other animals approaching them. They sniff them and wonder if they want to play (or as we can assume that is what they want).

They are also generally gentle beings.

No dog would attack or hurt anything if he had no reason to. And that applies even when they lose their favorite toy to someone (or something) else. They’ll stare, turn around, and walk away – with sad hearts, of course.

That’s what happened to poor Lucy.

This Border Collie loves to play with his hoomans.
She even has her favorite tennis ball. Lucy was happy to go out and play with her furry parents, Almar and Riette Creighton.

The couple and their children went on a trip to Davies Pool in Onrus, Western Cape, South Africa. Of course, they brought dear Lucy with them.

You can see Lucy enjoying the water and ready to play like never before.

She loves when he lands in the water. Tail wagging and excited to retrieve it for another retrieve.

She accidentally dropped the ball and the waves swept her away.

She was ready to get it back when something unusual happened.

The water started to rise at high tide. Suddenly an octopus swam into shallow water and bam!

He grabbed Lucy’s ball, wrapping his tentacle around her!

“I think my reaction was the same as Lucy’s. I have never experienced anything like it. It was just next level! Riette said she was also surprised to witness what happened.

She looked to her hoomans for help.

According to Almar Creighton, Riette’s husband, Lucy gave them a questioning look. The poor thing was confused as to whether she would get the ball or just let the octopus take it. She doesn’t know what to make of the situation.

Look at this poor!

Considering that a tennis ball has more density than water, it is expected to float. It will take a strong pull to counter the redeeming force of the ball due to water pressure. Science aside, this means a strong force must hold the ball underwater.

Thus, the octopus had to have a firm grip on the ball as it dove towards its lair.

Lucy waited about 20 minutes for her tennis ball to resurface.
When she realized it wouldn’t come back, she just ignored it and continued playing on the shore. Of course, that left her both amused and confused. It’s not everyday that an octopus steals your toy. But all is well with my dear Lucy.

Now we can all wonder if that tennis ball stayed underwater and how the octopus could do that. They are known to be clever puzzle solvers, so we could only expect the octopus to figure that out.

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