Spouses transformed an old double-decker bus into their dream home

Nowadays, we talk a lot about garages, buses and even airplanes transformed into homes.

The newlyweds, Luke Walker and Charlie McVicar, did not have enough money to build their house. And they thought renting was wasting money.

Although Charlie’s father offered them land to build their house, they didn’t want to spend their savings, as they loved to travel.

So the couple began to look for other ways to solve the housing problem.

And when they once watched Jordan Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on TV, they had a great idea.

Luke and Charlie have decided to buy an old imperial bus and then turn it into a house. It was a good alternative. The two levels of the bus would allow for more space.

“We like to travel a lot. To build a real house, we would have to spend all our saved sum.

It is certain that building such a house was easier. But it took a lot of materials. We worked diligently for a whole year and here is the result,” Charlie posted on his Facebook page.

Luke and Charlie built their home themselves, and the couple’s parents and friends helped out too.

They were able to complete the work in a year, and in the end they managed to turn the double-decker bus into a house with all the comforts, well equipped and with furniture.

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