Dog Who Survived Fall From 80 MPH Truck Finds Loving New Home

It is really shocking to know that some people take care of their pets. We have seen so many stories of dogs being literally abandoned by owners who have no regard for their dogs’ lives. But fortunately, many of these dogs had a second chance and found better foster families. Another recent example of this happened recently, when a rescued dog fell off a truck and met a new family.

In January this year, an 18-month-old terrier, Freya, was thrown from a truck traveling at 50 km/h. The dog was rescued in Kent, UK by a witness who saw the shocking act of abandonment. Freya fortunately survived being thrown from a speeding car. The vet feared she was suffering from internal bleeding and immediately operated on her,” said Carsten Ormerod, who led the investigation into the incident. Witnesses said she was thrown violently and landed on the other side of the road without the car slowing, let alone stopping. Although Freya survived the fall from the moving car, she had a number of other health issues. Her low weight, fleas, and dirty coat suggest she was neglected and abused throughout her life.

We don’t yet know who threw this pup off the truck, but the important thing is that he finds a good home. After her recovery, Freya was taken into the care of the RSPCA. Jill and her husband, Ray, a Maidstone woman, heard of Bella and thought they might give her a home. We lost our Jack Russell Terrier in April and were considering getting another dog, says Jill. When she saw Bella’s announcement online, she was thrilled to see that she was still available for adoption. I fell in love with her immediately, says Jill. Due to Bella’s upbringing, it took her a while to settle into her new home, but her owners were patient and happy to take their time.

She can be a bit naughty and bite a lot, but I like how she is now. Jill told the Metro newspaper. She is very afraid of men and finds it difficult to meet other dogs, so a trainer comes to help her. But she has been through a lot and I know it will take time for her to realize that she is safe now. What happened to Bella was devastating, but after everything she’s been through, we’re happy to have finally found her the right home.

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