A 35-year-old single man adopted 5 children with different syndromes and is raising them alone

A 35-year-old Englishman from Yorkshire, Ben Carpenter, is a very special man.

This nice young man already has five children. He adopted them all and each of them has a particular syndrome.

This dad adopted his first child at the age of 21. And now his eldest Jack is 11 and a year ago he adopted his fifth little one, Noah.

It is not easy to care for so many children with such disabilities. But the young dad is never discouraged.

When he wanted to adopt children, he thought that the reception services would not allow him, because he was not married. But luckily he was able to achieve his goal.

“I dreamed of becoming a father and here I am, a father of five children. I am young, but I already have a certain maturity. My children need special care, but I never back down. They are safe with me,” Ben told Mirror.

The children adopted by Ben have particular syndromes, such as autism or Cornelia de Lange.

“Everyone can admit that it is not easy to get disabled children back on their feet. But I know I can handle it,” he told Mirror.

Ben can’t imagine his life without his children. And they adore their dad and understand that he loves them with all his heart.

For his merits, in 2019, the British Citizenship Awards presented Ben Carpenter with the ‘Extraordinary Adopter’ award.

“If there’s one more child that needs my help, I’ll definitely adopt them,” Ben told Examiner Live.

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