Jealous Dog Fakes Injury After His Brother Injures His Paw

Until the age of three, Mabel lived a happy life as her only dog. Then her parents decided to ruin everything and give her a little brother. Suddenly, she has to share her parents’ love and attention with a golden pup named Milo. Mabel and Milo’s mom, Carrie Butts, tries to give them equal love and attention so neither sibling gets jealous, but that’s not always the case.

They both get very jealous if the other gets too much attention,” Bartsh said. I try to be equal and fair with them, so when I trim Milo’s eyes between grooming appointments, I make sure to trim Mabel’s eyes as well. Like most siblings, Mabel and Milo play hard, fight hard, and are very affectionate. Mabel and Milo fought like puppies,” Butts said. They growl and bite, and Milo runs at 100 mph, ramming Mabel and rolling over her. Although taller and faster, Mabel was in charge. Milo kept his youth, and Mabel kept Milo sane.

Last week, while the cubs were out for a walk, Milo had an accident.

We were on our way home and the dogs were doing their typical ‘running wrestling’ and when they stopped I saw blood on the snow,” Bartsh said. I realized it was Milo. Then I realized it was coming from one of his legs. When I called Milo to get changed, Mabel saw all the supplies and she immediately came to squat in front of me, lying on her side, ready to be treated, Butts said.

I ended up getting her moving and as soon as I fixed Milo she left, she came back to bed and it was her turn. I tore up the empty gauze packet, made her think I was putting it on her and pretended to, then wrapped some vet paper around her leg, made her a kiss on the head and I told him it was over,” Bartsh said.

He seemed very happy, got up and went on his way. Milo is much better and his paw is healing quickly. Butts continued to bandage his paw and made sure the bandage was changed every night. But if Milo is entitled to a new bandage, his sister will also need a treat from her mother.

Mabel will also have a new one every night, Batts said.

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