I want to look like my father, a young girl is following in her father’s footsteps by covering almost her entire body in tattoos.

I want to be like my father a girl with tattoos all over her body, following in her father’s footsteps. In our world, there are many ways to stand out among the large number of people. No one can deny that when you see someone with tattoos you automatically look at them. Imagine the attention someone covered in tattoos would get.

N. Anderson, a young Scottish nurse, is a big fan of body art. As a result, almost his entire body is covered in tattoos. The problem is that his idol is still his father. Her father is also a fan of body art and his hands are covered in tattoos.

As Nadine points out, he was always a typical daddy’s boy, trying to imitate his father in everything. She couldn’t wait to be older and get her first tattoo. She often went to various forums to decide exactly how her body would look and what design she wanted.

However, it was of course her father who helped Nadine choose her first model. But then the girl started getting tattoo after tattoo.

Today, the young nurse’s body is almost completely covered in tattoos. Also, Nadine cut her tongue and created a tunnel and several piercings. The girl also has scars on her head.

Some of the procedures Nadine wanted were banned in the UK and she had to travel to Germany to undergo them. As Nadine admits, she didn’t calculate how much she spent on them for a long time. However, she is certain it was more than £15,000.

Although H. Anderson has been popular on the internet for a long time, there are still often surprised looks in her direction. That’s why she urges all subscribers to think carefully before making such decisions.

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