Animals rejoice in donation of dozens of crushed watermelons following accident

Who doesn’t love a high sugar watermelon. It’s a summer must-have. It smells fresh, has that delicious sweetness, and its bright red color matches its crisp exterior, with a thin white line down the middle.

You know, I have a strange idea – the berries are with me. Humans are a bit like watermelons. We are red on the inside with a layer separating us on the outside, and if we wore green we would have the same aesthetic appeal as a watermelon. Not to mention the fact that humans are up to 60% water. Guess we’re just watermelons with brains. It’s interesting.

If this story is about watermelons, it’s also about an animal rescue group in Louisiana who received a batch of watermelons after an accident caused them to bleed on the road. Leslie Greene, the owner of the shelter, was kind enough to tell everyone about the bored panda. He’s as cute as he is juicy, so let’s get started.

Luckily no one was hurt, but they were left with questions: what to do with all that spoiled fruit? Cleaning everything up and throwing hundreds of fruit in the trash seemed like a waste, but when Lesley Green, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist, saw what had happened, an idea crossed her mind.

It was raining and the roads were very slippery, Lesley explained to the bored panda. The production truck started to skid and a ski boat trailer was backed up.” The fruits were flying on the road.

Leslie was coming to town to cut black willow branches for the beavers when she came across the accident. She stopped and asked if anyone needed help, and luckily everyone was fine. But then an idea popped into his head.

While talking to the product driver, she asked if she could take the watermelon to her animal shelter. The driver didn’t seem to mind, but had to get permission from the business owner, who was on his way to assess the damage.

The rescue station itself is a bit away from the main town and provides shelter and treatment for animals in need of care. Once the non-predatory animals are fully cured, Leslie releases them into the nature preserve, while the predatory animals are released into the 100-acre homestead in Homer.

I love these animals. I love helping them, Leslie said. I have always been a nutritionist. If something or someone needs me, it makes me feel good.” But she is not the only one to find happiness with animals. She posted the story on her TikTok account and it got a lot of attention and people weren’t getting tired of it.

Leslie suggests that some of the best practices for helping wildlife and pets are to provide cool water and shade. If you have pets, bring them inside, she says. I have grazing animals and wild animals.

In the summer we have fans running constantly in the paddocks and stables. In winter they provide.

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