Adorable dog who’s been to more than 30 adoption events still has hope for a family

Cleo has attended adoption events for the past six years. And it has been neglected for the past six years.

Cleo is now a dating pro, but that doesn’t make it any less depressing when she leaves every time without family.

Cleo’s adoptive mother, Vicky Ham, told The Dodo: “She’s been to so many people over the past six years. “She is usually examined because she is huge, weighs 80 pounds and is deaf.”

“It’s a lot of ‘She’s gorgeous, she’s nice, I wish I could take her,'” Ham said. “It’s something Cleo has mastered.”

Cleo was just a pup when she was rescued from the devastating 2016 floods that ravaged Louisiana. Ham began fostering her through Safe Haven Animal Rescue and only later learned she was deaf. Cleo’s inability to hear has never stopped her from living her life to the fullest.

“The only difference between Cleo and a hearing dog is that to wave to her, you have to look at her,” Ham explained. “She reacts to certain hand gestures, facial and body movements, and flashing lights,” the narrator explains.

Cleo thought she found her permanent family twice when she was just a puppy. But each time, the adopter only kept her for a few months before giving her back.

“Cleo is a kind, loving girl with a lot of energy,” Ham said. “She loves being outdoors, walking around and taking trips in the vehicle.”

“She also loves her toys,” she said, “and you can usually find her with one in her mouth.” “If she doesn’t have a toy to bring you to play with someone, she’ll run and get one.”

Cleo has attended more than 30 adoption events in her life, and Ham struggles to see her being neglected.

“For a while I stopped taking him to their house.” “I had given up hope of finding him a home,” Ham said. “I just decided to take her back in hopes that her family could show up that day.”

Cleo has had the best life imaginable thanks to Ham, but she knows she deserves more than a transient position.

Cleo needs a family that understands that her deafness is not a flaw, but rather something that adds to her uniqueness.

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