A boy gave strangers a gift by organizing a goodwill action at McDonald’s

Blake Durham is a very friendly young boy who is always cheerful and full of energy. He often likes to do something pleasant for those around him.

One day, when the sweet boy went with his mother to McDonald’s for a meal, he felt like organizing something interesting for the customers who were there.

Blake wanted to cheer people up.

He explained his intention to his mother Amy to pay for the order of a few people who were behind them in line.

When the mother paid for these customers’ order, another surprising thing happened.

The six-year-old boy’s act of kindness thrilled strangers and encouraged them and each of them started acting the same as Blake and his mother.

Following the boy’s example, they began to pay for their neighborhood. And it was a very interesting flash mob.

The boy’s mother was very happy and very proud of her so creative and generous son, although he was only six years old.

“Thanks to my talented little boy, there was a chain reaction that made people very happy,” Ami posted on his web page.

When Ami told this story to her mother, she cried with joy.

The grandmother was really proud of her so caring and resourceful grandson.

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