The wife of the 55-year-old French actor Cassel drastically changed her look after their marriage and surprised their fans

Tina, Cassel’s wife, changed her image after their marriage

Recently, French actor V. Cassel married a young model named Tina. The girl is about 30 years younger than the actor and has gorgeous curls.

Some time after their wedding, the newlyweds took part in the premiere of “The Emperor of France”. Tina straightened her hair and looked simply unrecognizable. According to their fans, the girl lost her uniqueness without her beautiful curls.

Tina was dressed in a black cashmere coat and her style reminded them of the French movie star’s ex-wife.

The young model shared their photos from the premiere where she called her husband ‘the emperor of my heart’. In these photos, Tina had straight hair and her followers admired the stunning woman.

There were also those who compared Tina’s hairstyle to Mr. Markle’s. While others were sure she better stop straightening her hair.

Many believe that it is actually the woman’s curls that give her charm and uniqueness.

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